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Special Committee Member - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 75th Anniversary

5-15 hours / monthly
In honour of the 75th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the John Humphrey Centre and the Canadians for Civil Society will be hosting a conference to bring profile to the Declaration, strengthen collective action and commitment to amplify and advance human rights. While this conference is scheduled to be held in late 2023, we need to organize various Committees to begin the planning stages and help bring pieces together to create a successful campaign leading up to the conference and ensure the conference itself meets the objectives we wish to achieve.

Objectives with the Conference
-Create space for sharing work among human rights advocates and defenders 
-Strengthen connection and collaboration among human rights advocates and defenders
-Strengthen skills in taking action on human rights
-Create learning opportunities on how to actualize and advance human rights 
-Showcase the breadth of work at the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights and the Canadians for Civil Society along with other partners

Description of Volunteer Roles:
As a special committee member, your voice and skills will be utilized to help with the planning and implementation of the conference and commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are looking for people with skills the following areas:

- Communications and Marketing
- Fund Development and Sponsorship
-Programs and Partnerships
-Registration and Event Volunteer Planning
-Protocol Team and Special Guest Relations
-Documentation and Evaluation
-Information and Communications Technology
- Logistics and Procurement

1)Communications, Marketing and Outreach 
a)Developing and implementing communications and outreach strategy
b)Developing and curating posters etc for outreach
c)Targeting outreach and marketing
d)Public and Media Relations
e)Special Committee for Grassroots Engagement

2)Fund Development and Sponsorship 
a)Developing sponsorship or funding package/materials or grant applications to support key elements of budget
b)Cultivating relationships and sponsorships 
c)Thanking and Recognition of Sponsors 
d)Reporting to Sponsors and funders

3)Programs and Partnerships 
a)Connection and liaison with partners for the development of programming
b)Identification and recruitment for programming
c)Ensuring partner needs are met
d)Thanking partners and program 
e)Arts related programming 

4)Registration and Event Volunteer Planning
 a)Identification of volunteers needs for all aspects of programming and events
 b)Recruiting and orienting volunteers for their roles, job descriptions
 c)Managing and organizing registrations
 d)Volunteer recognition 

5)Protocol Team 
a)Invitations to special guests and cultivating those relationship
b)Supporting hosting and protocols with special guests
c)Recognition and thank you to guests

6)Documentation and Follow Through 
 a)Preparing and organizing for what needs to be captured and documented and shared beyond the 
 b)Preparing and organizing any evaluation during event
 c)Preparation of final outcomes for dissemination
 d)Coordination of follow up actions/proposals on human rights by partners/committees

7)Information and Communications Technology Team 
 a)Ensure and maintain a dedicated website for the Conference
 b)Responsibility for audio-visual/internet communication tools
 c)Ensuring there is no attempt by anti-human rights groups to sabotage/interrupt our online sessions
 d)Organizing and supporting tech for sessions as needed

8) Logistics team 
 a)Bookings and procurement for events and activities including venue, food etc.
 b)Supporting budget development and management
 c)Supporting security related matters related to the in person activities

**Please note: The conference will take place December 2023, therefore volunteers will be engaged until Jan 2024 in order to account for time to collect feedback.**
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Incredible opportunity to be part of a national conference that will also have global viewing and impact
Fantastic way to utilize existing experience and skills and gain new experience
Networking with various collaborations and partners working to advance human rights
Resume-building and growth to apply to your professional and personal career
Build understanding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and what advancements have been made and what work still needs to be done
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