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COVID-19 Support


until the COVID-19 crisis is over
Outreach trains and support volunteer companions for seniors who can no longer socialize in the community. 

ESC's Community Outreach & Social Wellness Volunteers program meets three times a week at the ESC, from 12:30 to 3 pm. You can find these events in the program guide.
    This group socializes, provides yarn to those who are home bound, and picks up squares from those who contribute to the program. The goal of the program is to reduce isolation and loneliness, encourage social integration, and as an output of the program, they also provides blankets to those in need of warmth. This includes the homeless, children in hospitals, veterans, and those dealing with illness and loss. This kind of community engagement is a win/win for everyone involved. It provides opportunities to become part of the community, even if you are unable to attend their social gatherings. 
    The people who make these blankets come from all backgrounds, speak many languages, and share a compassion for their fellow human beings. This event is free and beginners are welcomed because there are instructors on site to help you get started. You can knit, crochet, or quilt a blanket. All materials are provided. 
    It is an intergenerational program and all ages are welcome. No membership is required, but you must sign up for the program so we know who is in the building and so we have your emergency information. All participants are held to the same code of conduct, which is expressed through mutual respect and consideration.

This program requires you go through pre-screening and training, keep in close contact with the Outreach Manager and have a commitment to kindness and compassion. 
If you are interested, please, contact Shirley at 780-425-8625
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