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Volunteer Grant Administrator for Youth in Motion Project

10578 113 Street #200, Edmonton, AB, T5H 3H5 [map]
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The Canadian Foundation for Development and Empowerment functions in a positive environment to assist with alleviating challenges faced by children and youth that may cause discouragement to pursue education. CFDE helps to provide funding, along with necessary materials and resources, to enhance the path through education.

We are currently launching a project called Youth in Motion which will integrate STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These topics are becoming additionally crucial for students as technology is consistently advancing and changing how learning is conducted, along with changing the structure of careers.

We are in search of a Volunteer Grant Administrator to join us and help to advance our Youth in Motion project which will incorporate STEM in able to serve our youth within Edmonton and the surrounding communities.

Duties of the Volunteer Grant Administrator involve assisting the Volunteer Grant Writer for our Youth in Motion project, along with the following as required

•	Scrutinize, accept and process grant application
•	Develop, implement and evaluate funding plans with respect to business plans and strategies of the organization
•	Have a flair for research work involving internet and all other searches
•	Communicate the rules and regulations for approving grants and the responsibilities associated
•	Ensure that all applications of grant process are supported by proper documentation and clearances in order to make the grant process work effectively and efficiently
•	Ensure that the grant applications are in accordance with the qualification criteria
•	Judge, evaluate and grant proper amount to a particular project
•	Maintain and verify payment records, reviews invoices and record receipts
•	Prepare monthly reports on the funded project status and submit them to the management
•	Perform other duties as assigned

To apply please visit https://canadian-foundation.org/volunteer
Website is currently being updated; please specify which position is being applied for in the Resume box. A resume is not required for volunteer positions, however can be applied to the application if desired.
Certification or Education Required
2-4+ years relevant experience preferred
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
This opportunity will provide experience and fulfillment for those wanting to assist with making a difference in Edmonton and the surrounding communities while taking on the duties of the volunteer grant administrator for this project.
  • Flexible in schedule