• Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth
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Volunteer with Canada Confesses' Ambassador Program!

1 hour / weekly
Are you active on social media? Are you passionate about social justice? Do you want to gain volunteer credit with minimal effort while doing something you love? Canada Confesses is looking for ambassadors to amplify our project’s initiatives! 

As an ambassador, you would champion our cause by actively sharing and engaging with our content on a social media platform(s) of your choice. This can look like commenting on and reposting our content on Instagram a few times a  week. It can also look like engaging with users on our Discord server and inviting a few people per week. There are a variety of ways to contribute! 

The time commitment is 1 hour per week. Apply now, and we will get in touch! We look forward to having you as a CC Ambassador!

Application Form: https://forms.gle/d4hz5guk5fQdXHiNA
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Volunteers Hours & Credit

A Volunteer Certificate 

Letter of Recommendation/Reference

Perks such as attending our fun monthly socials and growing your network. 

A chance to work with a project funded by the Canada Corps Program and directly supported by On-Site Placement & ACGC. 

An opportunity to support your communities, network with people, and promote social justice + the SDGs in Canada.
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth