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Volunteer Abroad Team Lead

2-4 hours / weekly
Until September 30 2023
In this position, you will help drive forward the planning and execution of a volunteer abroad program in Uganda in August 2023. This volunteer abroad program will provide Canadians or other nationals the opportunity to engage in a learning experience with Ugandan counterparts in Luuka District. 

Ainembabazi’s Volunteer Abroad Team Lead will be responsible for:
- stewarding leadership and organizing work around the implementation of a volunteer abroad program in Uganda;
- working in collaboration with Healing Focus Orphanage Centre team members, build an agenda and plan for the trip;
- work with the Communications Team Lead to ensure effective flow of communications to meet your team’s goals and recruit participants; and,
- recruiting, organizing and coaching volunteers to organize the logistics and details for the program including conducting research on travel options.

Ainembabazi is a grassroots organization working to educate and advocate on the rights of children as well as strengthen families and communities primarily in Uganda. With the coming out of COVID19, Ainembabazi needs Canadian team members to reconnect and build relationships in Uganda to help advance the work for children and communities.  This will be an important part of educating Canadians on the realities of issues in Uganda and what needs to be done to protect, advance and fulfill the rights of children, particularly young girls. You will play an important role in establishing and building a strong network of people committed to the important work at a time when we need reconnection to the idea of being a global citizen.
Additional Details & Skills Required
The volunteer will work directly with team members from Uganda to build and plan this program.
Certification or Education Required
Experience in organizing and logistics
Human resource experience and skills
Project management experience and skills
Strong communication skills
Ability to work with google platform
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
As global citizens, we have a responsibility to be engaged, aware and conscious about our role and impact in the broader global community.  Building a volunteer program in Uganda provides an important opportunity for people to learn directly what is happening on the ground. This is a great opportunity for students in university, professionals or even families.  Ainembabazi will provide reference letters upon performance and commitment.
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  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule