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Spanish Translation Associate

Are you an animal lover looking to support a great cause? Our mission is to inspire, develop, and provide quality, evidence-based education, research, and other charitable activities in animal training and behavior.

The Spanish Translation Associate is a vital member of our team, responsible for translating material from English to Spanish for publication in the IAABC Foundation Journal, educational courses, social media platforms, printed resources, and other places as relevant. This role plays a key part in making valuable research and insights accessible to the Spanish-speaking audience.

Responsibilities include:
- Accurately translating from English to Spanish while maintaining the integrity and scientific rigor of the original content.
- Collaborating with the editorial team to ensure the translated material meets the organization’s standards and guidelines.
- Reviewing and proofreading the translated text to ensure accuracy, clarity, and coherence.
- Communicating effectively with internal teams and adhering to project timelines.
- Contacting content creators in case of translation difficulty or something that presents any difficulty to be understood in Spanish.

Job Requirements - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
- Proficiency in the Spanish language and strong translation skills.
- Capacity to use neutral Spanish, understanding there are European and Latin American variants.
- Excellent command of written English for understanding the source content.
- Attention to detail and a strong commitment to maintaining the quality of the translated material.
- Familiarity with scientific and academic writing styles.
- Ability to work independently while following organizational guidelines.
- Organizational skills and ability to manage and prioritize multiple translation projects.
- Technological skills, including familiarity with Google Workspace applications.
- Team communication using Slack
- Availability to volunteer 3-5 hours per week

Job Tasks:
- Translate content (articles, educational material and resources, etc) from English to Spanish, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and proper terminology.
- Collaborate with other internal teams to address any questions or concerns regarding the translation process.
- Proofread and review translated content to ensure high-quality and accurate translations.
- Adhere to project timelines and communicate progress regularly.

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Activities involved
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule