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Data Analytics Manager

Ongoing (Weekly team meeting)
ROLE: Manage a team of volunteers Analysts to deliver Analytics Projects 

**If you are interested in applying for this position please apply at:**

•	BSc in Computer Science or Information Systems and other associated programs
•	3+ years industry experience as a database developer or data analyst
•	Data exploration techniques, storytelling with data and statistical software packages 
•	Problem solving, planning and execution
•	Ability to understand and discuss analysis, distill them for a broader audience, and clearly articulate key insights
•	Knowledge of social platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics)
•	Knowledge of Power BI and Microsoft products

•	Knowledge of Python to extract data from sources (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) using APIs.
•	Pull and store this data for cleaning and visualization purposes.

Time Commitment: Weekly, Hours Flexible, Virtual - Required Thurs 1730-1830 MT for Team Meeting

•	Lead, coach, and mentor a team of analysts to conceive, design, develop and deliver analytics projects
•	Partner with stakeholders to understand the business needs and drive analytics solutions to address those needs within the constraints of a non-profit organization
•	Support analytics design decisions by taking relevant inputs from the business team and defining a clear plan for the analytics team; pushes analytics teams to confirm assumptions, extract relevant insights, and interpret the models and outputs 
•	Support validation of analytics output with analytics team; lead communication of analytics outputs with stakeholders; acts as a bridge between management and analytics specialists; Shares insights with business stakeholders and collects input
•	Continuously learn about the industry trends and keep the key stakeholders educated 

•	You have completed your BSc degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or relevant field and are looking to build your resume.
•	You're at a stage in your career that you would like to lead teams and want to gain experience in leadership.
•	You want to build your career in the consulting domain.
•	You enjoy solving complex technical issues and like exploring new technologies.
•	You believe in a continuous learning process and a collaborative work environment.
Certification or Education Required
BSc in Computer Science or Information Systems and other associated programs such as SAIT or NAIT relevant Data Analyst programs

Not Required Certifications, but Ideal:
Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate
Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

and any other Data Analytics Certification
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
•	You will gain new leadership experience along with project management opportunity
•	You will get the chance to sharpen your leadership, management, and analytics skills
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  • Flexible in schedule
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  • Good for groups