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Board Members Needed!

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Who Are We?
Volunteers are essential to creating thriving communities and we proudly connect their 
valuable strengths with valuable work. For over 65 years VolunteerConnector has been 
supporting volunteers and volunteerism in the communities of Calgary and beyond. Through many regional partnerships, we work across Canada. VolunteerConnector is an inclusive organization, and all opportunities provided through our resources are equitable and democratized. 

Our values: exploration, courage, adaptability, resiliency, and empowerment. 

Our strategic priorities:
• Volunteers Leading: Putting the volunteer at the centre of the system of volunteerism by 
leveraging an online platform that supports the existing framework of Promote-ConnectStrengthen-Lead.
• Strengthening Volunteerism: Strengthening the system of volunteerism to grow the 
subscriber base of VolunteerConnector to create organizational sustainability.
• Building Communities: Building community through volunteerism and partnership by 
nurturing a network of support for volunteers and volunteer organizations to enable 
volunteers, volunteer organizations and regional partners to better inform the future of 
volunteering through collecting, owning and sharing data.

The Roles
Our board is experiencing a transition year with some of our members completing their terms. 
We are looking for individuals to join our board and be a part of a healthy succession plan. We currently consist of 7 Board Directors and 3 Public Committee Members. 
• Governance & Nominating Committee recruitment 2022: Public Committee Members, and a Director.
• Finance & Audit Committee recruitment 2022: Public Committee Members, Directors, and a future Treasurer.

The Commitment
Committees meet 3-4 times per year, and the Board meets 4 times per year, plus 1 annual day long Strategic Planning Session. Additional work can include tasks, research, and 
communications related to projects, meetings and organization priorities. 

Board Members are accountable to the organization in the following ways:
i. Prepare in advance of Committee meetings and contribute to the decision-making process.
ii. Represent VolunteerConnector at events, as appropriate.
iii. Commit to the role for a minimum of two years (the length of a term).

iv. As a Finance & Audit Committee member:
• Assist with reviewing and providing feedback on the organization’s quarterly financial 
results, annual budget and annual audited financial statements.
• Develop an understanding of the organization’s risk management and financial policies, 
and assist with monitoring and ensuring compliance with these policies.
• Support discussions on forecasting and opportunities for revenue generation. 

v. As a Governance & Nomination Committee member:
• Provide input to the Board of Directors in its governance role.
• Provide input toward decisions made by the Board consistent with Board and 
organization policies.
• Assist with reviewing our skills matrix and succession planning tools, as well as, annual 
• Oversee the AGM Governance and collaborate with the staff for this event.
Additional Details & Skills Required
We are looking for people who are passionate about the critical role and support volunteers provide in building resilient communities. We welcome you to apply if you are enthusiastic about the charitable sectors, particularly if you have previous experience in one or more of the following areas: board governance, financial management, accounting, tech sector, start-ups, human resources, risk management, change management, government relations, public relations, fundraising, DEII/D-AR.
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Please indicate your interest by submitting your resume to and 
indicate in the subject line which role and committee interests you the most. For best 
consideration apply by September 21, 2022. Our Committee Chairs are looking forward to 
meeting with qualified applicants in September 2022, and onboarding successful applicants in 
October 2022.
Activities involved
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