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RMHC Alberta Shoot for the House (Winfield)

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What is the Shoot for the House Winfield Committee?
This committee is responsible for assisting with the planning and event logistics for the Shoot for the House, clay shooting tournament in Winfield, AB. 
Event Date: Friday, September 17, 2021
Ronald McDonald House Event Leads 
The event lead is responsible for overring seeing all the event logistics and committee role and responsibilities, while managing budget and fundraising goals. 
Roles & Responsibilities 
•	Assist in provincial planning and event execution 
•	Leadership in event planning and execution (provincially and regionally) 
•	Budget building and management 
•	Provincial brand alignment 
•	Management of critical path, committee roles & responsibilities and meeting scheduling 
•	Leadership of event day details (tournament operations, show flow, itinerary, venue) 
•	Venue Management 
•	Development of fundraising strategy 
•	Leadership on all marketing collateral and print material 
•	Registration management  
•	Food & Beverage

1.	Volunteer Lead- (Lynn Steeves) 
This position will be responsible for determining volunteer needs, role descriptions, recruitment, training, and stewarding volunteers.

2.	McDonalds representative 
This position will be responsible for creating and implementing a plan to communicate and engage McDonalds and their crews.

3.	Board/ Development Committee representative 
This position will be responsible for assisting with the fundraising aspects associated with the event as well as communications and board engagement

4.	Presenting Sponsor representative
This position will be responsible for communicating back to their organization and determine ways to engage.

5.	Marketing & Communications- Melissa, Julie, or Suzanne
This position is responsible for helping to promote the event, while coming up with new and exciting ways to increase attendance. This would include working with other members or the committee to help get the word out.
6.	Food & Beverage Lead 
This position is responsible for managing all the food and beverage logistics This includes, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and food donations. This will also include coordinating delivery of the items. The food and beverage leads will also need to ensure donors are getting the proper recognition which will be specialized for each donation. 

7.	Tournament Logistics 
This position is responsible for setting up and coordinating all hole activities.

8.	Fundraising Lead(s)
This position is responsible for assisting with the fundraising aspects associated with the event. This may include organizing raffles, 50/50 draws, prizing, signage, recruiting prizing and more. 

9.	Corporate Relations & Sponsorship 
This position is responsible for helping recruit sponsorship, increase registration, and help promote the events. This position works closely with our sponsorship manager to recruit new sponsors while ensuring they are benefiting from the event. 

10.	Registration Lead
This position is responsible for overseeing the registration desk day of the event, while helping to recruit participants. 

11.	Guest/Participants Experience 
This position oversees guest’s experience, this may include but is not limited to recruiting thank you gifts, arranging welcome drinks as guests arrive, coming up with fun and creative ways of incorporating what the House stands for and why guests should support. This position can be quite creative, sky’s the limit! 

Committee Responsibility:
•	Committee members will be responsible for their individual position and are encouraged to contribute to the success of other components of the event. 
•	With this committee being province wide, participants can attend meetings in person or via video or phone. 
•	Committee members are encouraged and welcome to volunteer or participate at the event in their regions. 
(1)	Attend 75% of regularly scheduled meetings
(2)	Promote the event within their networks, signing up for the newsletter and like us on social.
(3)	Bring in at least one team 
(4)	Contribute to the overall success of the committee 
(5)	Represent Ronald McDonald House Charities® Alberta in a professional manner 

Meeting Schedule: TBD
We will meet on Microsoft Teams and a link will be sent for each meeting.
Monthly meetings potentially the first Wednesday of every month.  This will be decided as a group at the first meeting.

Disclaimer: **Please keep in mind these positions not only require your time and energy for the set committee meetings but will also come with tasks to be complete on your own time. As much as we appreciate everyone’s willingness to help, we CANNOT stress enough that we are looking for COMMITTED long term volunteers who can take lead in an area and ROCK IT! Events require a lot of time and preparation and we thank you for your support!!**
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
This is an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the world of family-centered care, to gain a deeper understanding of the impact on families with a sick child. To know at the end of the term that you have made a difference in the lives of these families.
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for groups