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Secretary, Board of Directors

RESET Society of Calgary is seeking a new member of the Board of Directors to serve the position of Secretary, who is also a member of the Executive Committee and Chairs the Board Development Committee.  This role is expected to commence in Spring 2023.

RESET is a registered non-profit organization that operates 24 hours a day, year-round, for nearly thirty years. We provide client driven, long-term, comprehensive, wraparound programming and support for women (age 16 and above) who have experienced sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking. Our programming encompasses extending services to pregnant women, and women with children, as well as women experiencing co-occurring issues and challenges such as addiction, trauma, and homelessness. 

Vision: For sexually exploited women and girls to know there is a way out.
Mission: To provide comprehensive individualized support and safe housing to women and girls age 16 and over exiting sexual exploitation and sex trafficking so that they may transform their lives.

Role & Responsibilities:
Secretary, Board of Directors 
The Secretary is responsible for the administrative oversight of the organization in addition to participating in all key decisions made by the Board guided by our vision and delivered through our mission. The Secretary attends all meetings of the Board, and the Executive Committee, and chairs the Board Development Committee.  The Secretary keeps accurate minutes of these meetings, has charge of the Board’s correspondence, ensures a record of names and addresses of all Members of RESET is kept ensures all notices of various meetings are sent, and      carries out other duties assigned by the Board.  In collaboration with the Executive Director, the Secretary also ensures annual fees are collected and deposited and ensures the annual return, amendments in the bylaws and other incorporating documents are filed with the Corporate Registry.

Co-Chair, Board Development Committee
The Secretary chairs the Board Development Committee, with assistance as assigned from other Board resources. The Board Development Committee supports the Board in in governance leadership, training and capacity development for Board members. As Co-Chair, this includes setting the agenda, recording the minutes, and preparing the Board report.  The Committee has the following duties and responsibilities:
•	Facilitating Board Governance development to ensure that the polices of the Board are reviewed and updated
•	Compiling policies from all Board committees for review and to ensure consistency
•	Determining the criteria, profile and qualifications for nominees to fill vacancies on the Board and its committees
•	Developing an orientation program for new Board members, including individual mentorship. To update the Board Orientation Manual as required
•	Conducting a periodical assessment of the effectiveness of the Board and the committees of the Board and report the results to the Board
•	Sourcing and providing for Board development as evidenced through the effectiveness survey or ongoing development plans
•	Organizing the AGM and the annual Board retreat
•	Ensuring the working board calendar/work plan exists.]

Member, Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Board. The Executive Committee ensures the Executive Director is provided sufficient support in the management of the organization as well as ensure proper planning, organization and structure to the Board meetings.

Board Members are volunteers and are elected to the Board for a three-year term, with opportunity for re-election. The Board and the Executive Committee meet monthly, 10 times per year (July & December off) on a set schedule, while the Board Development Committee meets 8 times per years (May, July, August and December off):
•	Executive Committee is held monthly (date varies based on members’ availability) 
•	Board Development Committee is held on the 1st Tuesday of each month (5:00PM-6:00PM) 
•	Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month (5:00PM-6:30PM)

Members are expected to attend, prepare in advance, and participate in all scheduled meetings.

RESET also depends on its governance volunteers to volunteer and/or attend annual events or fundraising activities.

Anticipated time commitment: Average 5-6 hours per month.

To apply, submit cover letter and resume via
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Are passionate about social justice and change and have experience with trauma informed programs or people who have faced trauma.
Have a strong commitment to bettering the lives of women and girls exiting sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking.
Background in community development, sociology, international development, or law. An MBA or JD designation is a plus.  
Have 5 or more years of leadership experience with strength in administration, governance, and / or strategy and planning
Activities involved
Board Member