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Advocacy Director for Patient Advocacy Group

Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning, 722 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 6V7 [map]
5-15 hours / weekly
Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society is currently recruiting for an Advocacy Director.  We are a non-profit Alberta organization who advocates with families and patients to help them obtain information where unanswered questions may remain with respect to their treatment within the health system. Duties of this position include:

    • Train and manage Volunteer Advocates. 
    • Identify and recommend standard operating procedures and policies to guide Advocates’ work. 
    • Evaluate the performance of Advocates.
    • Assign new cases to Advocates with consideration of their experience and case load.
    • Support and advise Volunteer Advocates for options relating to their case. 
    • Identify and implement possible training opportunities for the Advocates.
    • As required, communicate with the media concerning a particular case or health care issue. 
    • Provide the Board with issues regarding Advocacy Committee’s activities.
    • Implement board approved Standard Operating Procedures for the Advocacy Committee.
    • Serve as a Patient Advocate. 

This position provides the flexibility for an individual to work from home during the hours that are convenient and will stay connected as a Board Member through monthly meetings.

To apply, email your resume to mmorris@openarmsadvocacy.com
  • Flexible in schedule