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Member Relations Coordinator – Part-time People Connector and Supporter!

4000, 421 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 4K9 [map]
5-10 hours / weekly
We connect with over 1000 Albertans and would like to know them better! And we’d like to connect with many more.  Please consider joining us to help grow our province-wide member database.  Welcoming and orienting new members, learning about their interests and keeping in touch are all important roles that will help make our efforts more successful.  
•	Guide the establishment and growth of our province -wide member database 
•	Work closely with our information systems team to define key elements to collect and track in our community member database to enhance strategic and operational capabilities
•	Reach out to our 1000 and increasing members to define the nature of their interests in IMAGINE Citizens and help collect information to facilitate and promote member engagement
•	Design, implement and track communications for our diverse group of members
•	Assist with the recruitment and on-boarding of new members 
•	Generate regular activity reports reflecting member engagement and satisfaction 
•	Periodically seek member feedback and satisfaction with Operations Committee  
You will bring:
•	Experience working in the non-profit, voluntary sector
•	Proven ability to establish and nurture meaningful relationships with members.
•	Demonstrated knowledge, skill, and proven track record achieving results with community engagement and leadership
•	Strong written and verbal presentation and communication skills
•	Capacity to work well and build rapport with others
•	Experience working in divers and widely distributed network, primarily through virtual means
Additional Details & Skills Required
We are a growing community with over 1000 members and a strong committed group of volunteers dedicated to help shape a better health system together. This is a volunteer position. However, all reasonable travel, accommodation and meal expenses will be reimbursed when necessary.
Certification or Education Required
Post-secondary education
Previous experience in non-profit sector preferred
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Opportunity to work with diverse community, health providers, authorities, researchers and health policy makers. Flexibility in hours and opportunity to work from home. Opportunity for creativity and growth in community engagement skills and to make a positive impact in health and wellness of all citizens in Alberta.
  • Interview
  • Resume
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families