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  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule

Pass The Mic - Marketing & Communications Lead, Capacity Building Committee

5-5 hours / monthly
1 year term
The Marketing & Communications Lead is a member of the Elizabeth House Capacity Building Committee. 

The Capacity Building Committee strengthens the capacity of the Elizabeth House program in 3 key areas: marketing, fundraising and facility maintenance. They work as a team to find opportunities to increase program awareness, attract potential volunteers/supporters,  carry out fundraising initiatives and to make the House itself a beautiful place to live.

The Marketing & Communications Lead will be responsible for sharing information or doing presentations about Elizabeth House to groups who are already invested in Elizabeth House or who possibly could be.  The purpose of the presentations are to increase awareness of the program and to attract volunteers and funding. The Marketing & Communications Lead will also participate in monthly Committee meetings where they will work collaboratively with the other committee members to make sure the committee is raising the profile of the Elizabeth House.

This role contributes to Elizabeth House’s outcomes by supporting the program’s sustainability.
Additional Details & Skills Required
Committee members will receive a thorough orientation to the role and the program.
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
•	Participate in committee work and sharpen your business leadership skills in a supportive, non-work environment.
•	Establish a network: Experience valuable networking opportunities
•	Put your public speaking skills to use
•	Gain valuable marketing and communications experience
  • Interview
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule