Activities involved
Administration Legal Advising
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Board of Directors - Corporate Secretary & Legal Director

1008 14 St SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 3K3 [map]
2-10 hours / weekly
Major Responsibility: 
The Corporate Secretary & Legal Director is responsible for assisting in legal matters, AGLC compliance and applications, filings, insurance matters, and ensuring that accurate and complete records are kept of the proceedings and decisions of the Dress for Success Calgary (DFSC) Board.
Individual Responsibilities: 
•	Manage Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission application process and all aspects of documentation and general compliance
•      Manage and amend bylaws as required to ensure compliance and present to Board for approval 
•	Provide legal advice through reviewing, drafting and providing recommendations on any agreements, leases and contracts involving DFSC
•	Record attendance at Board meetings, record accurate minutes of meetings and record all motions
•	Distribute copies of minutes to the Board within a reasonable time after each meeting
•	In collaboration with Chair and Vice Chair, develop presentation and facilitate the AGM 
•	File Annual Society Return (Service Alberta) and Property Tax Exemption
•	Review insurance to ensure DFSC is adequately covered, including Director’s liability insurance
•	Work closely with Chair, Vice Chair and Corporate Secretary for all legal related issues
•	Ensure that all DFS Worldwide and DFSC Board files are kept current and accessible including meeting minutes and board member personal information Sharepoint
•	Manage the Organizational Chart, which outlines Board and Committee positions and names. Update as required.
•	Ensure Board receives updated records or contact lists as they are modified and save copies in Sharepoint
•	Manage the Board calendar – including liaising with the Chair/Vice-Chair on development of annual key dates
•	Compliance with the annual Board Giving Agreement, which is signed by each Director
•	Track individual hours worked on a monthly basis. Report hours to the Chair at the end of the fiscal year

Shared Responsibilities: 
•	Ensure national and local fundraising campaigns are managed effectively 
•	Actively seek new opportunities for general DFSC sponsors
•      Record leads for potential sponsors in the sponsor database
•.     Update the database with notes each time contact has been made 
•	Participate in the annual Strategy Session, the AGM and Board meetings  
•	Attend one volunteer orientation and one boutique styling 
•	Volunteer at clothing sales and special events 
•	Help fundraise and recruit volunteers
Additional Details & Skills Required
All Board positions are volunteer-based, with the commitment of a two-year term. Both men and women are encouraged to apply.
Certification or Education Required
•	Corporate Legal background preferred
•	Commit to a two-year board term
•	Attend evening Board and Committee meetings as required 
•	Understand/promote the DFS brand and mission
•	High degree of confidentiality
•	Detail-oriented and thorough
•	Strong organization and time-management skills; ability to meet deadlines
•	Effective listening and written communication skills
•	Ability to work in a team environment, and work independently
•      High level of professionalism and integrity
Activities involved
Administration Legal Advising
  • Interview
  • References
  • Resume
Also required for this position: Please email your resume to
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule