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Volunteer Board Director

2808 Ogden Rd SE Bay 10, Calgary, AB, T2G 4R7 [map]
3-10 hours / monthly
Three Year Term
The back door, a Youth Employment Society operating under The Doorway, is looking for dedicated volunteers to join our Board of Directors.

In short, we are looking for individuals who have a deep interest in the mission of our Society, and a knowledge of or willingness to learn how our Board functions within the scope of our bylaws and the Societies act of Alberta.  Board members must be able to consider the best interests of the organization and members and act reasonably and with good faith over the governance of our Society. 

Functional Role & Term:

Board Director – appointed for a minimum three-year term, serving no more than 2 successive terms unless a 1 year sabbatical is taken before commencing a third term.
If not already a Member of the Society, a Director shall be deemed to be a Member upon appointment.

Purpose of the Role:

Fulfilling the Society’s Governance Model, thus ensuring the successful operations of The Doorway and its sustainability;

•	Framework (the underlying concepts that guide our work)
•	Envisioned Future 
•	Purpose and Core Values  
•	Strategic Priorities
•	Strategic Execution Tracking 

•	Board Self-Governance 
•	Board Recruitment and On-Boarding 
•	Officers and Committees 
•	Society Membership (tracking, communication, AGM) 
•	By-Law Compliance 
•	Board and Board Member Performance Evaluation 

•	Operational Governance
•	Organizational Design (Roles & Responsibilities for Staff and Volunteers) 
•	Executive Director (Defined Role, Performance Feedback, Support from
       Board, Succession Planning) 
•	Monitor & Evaluate Process Performance 
•	Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Audits 
•	Fund Development Planning (versus implementation of Fund Raising

•	Community Awareness 
•	Community Awareness (coordinated with the Executive Director) 
•	Advocacy in the community with government, foundations, corporations (coordinated with Executive Director)
•	Support the work of The Doorway in the community (attend events including annual casino fundraiser and “Steps off the Street” walk/run event, attend events on behalf The Doorway, support staff) 
•	Online advocacy – share, retweet, like, etc..

Key Accountabilities:

Monthly Board Meetings
•	Preparation: reviewing minutes from previous meeting, completing assigned actions
•	Attendance: One meeting per month, approximately 2 hours in length
•	At times, monthly meetings will be dedicated to Board development which may include visiting a partner organization/AGM, special presentations from sector leaders, and team building events.
Committee Meetings
•	This will vary from month to month, with an average of 2 hours per month
•	Based on skill and interest level, Directors will participate on a variety of standing and ad-hoc committees dedicated to financial management, fund development & Board development
Community Awareness Events
•	This will vary from month to month, with an average of 2 hours per month including a semi-annual casino fundraiser and walk/run event “Steps Off the Street”.
Annual Strategic Planning Sessions
•	Typically 1 or 2 sessions totalling 8-12 hours per year

Society's Core Values:

Listening With the Intent to Hear
Unconditional Acceptance
Belief in Young People
The Power of Hope
Life is Such That Things Don’t Always Work
Certification or Education Required
•	A deep interest in the mission of The Doorway
•	Prior experience as a non-profit volunteer
•	Prior experience as a non-profit director is beneficial
•	Knowledge of the Society Act of Alberta (will be gained as part of our on-boarding process)
•	Fund development planning
•	Budgeting, financial reporting, audits
•	Ability to work as part of a team
•	Organized and accountable for commitments
•	Ability to advocate on behalf of The Doorway
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Volunteering on The Doorway's Board is an opportunity to engage with community in the most unique and special way. Our work supports a team of community champions who on a daily basis listen to the hopes and dreams of young people and support them in turning those hopes and dreams into actionable steps away from the street and making lasting change in their lives. Possibility and hope lives at The Doorway and Board Directors play a role in ensuring it continues to do so.
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  • Police Check
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  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule