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Board Secretary (on a 'working' board)

43 River Rock Manor SE, (for Board Meetings), Calgary, AB, T2C 4J2 [map]
2-6 hours / weekly
1 year minimum w possibility of ongoing
The Calgary Neuropathy Association (CNA) is looking for a keen and committed volunteer for the board position of Secretary.  The CNA provides education and support to those living with peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain.  We provide people suffering with peripheral neuropathy an opportunity to have interactive discussions, and to learn about the condition and it’s management through our guest speakers and those that have learned over the years how to cope and manage their neuropathy symptoms.  


The CNA board runs according to Robert’s Rules of Order and the Board Secretary is responsible for the following according to the rules:
- Book and prepare the notice of board meetings and agenda 
- Read minutes at the board meeting, record motions and assist with voting
- Draft the minutes and ensure signatures are collected from president and vice president
- Update corrections and obtain approvals of minutes
- Act as back-up driver for distributing monthly meeting notices to the AHS mailroom

To perform this role the Secretary must attend all board meetings (4 per year) and ensure meeting minutes are distributed to all Board members in a timely fashion and/or according to the CNA By-laws, and filed to online repository. 

Keep the official records of the association:
Organize and manage the current records of the association. Implement a reasonably  minimalist records management approach to manage the association's records.

Membership Records: 
Keep list(s) (members and non-members) updated and accurate for each year. 

- Be familiar with association by-laws and ensures support for the President in enforcing Robert’s Rules of Order.
- Complete policy work currently underway including obtaining board approval.

- Maintain Contacts: Contact Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Assistants, and Guest Speakers etc. to keep contact lists updated and accurate.
- Support Communications:  Work with other board members to communicate information to members, our contacts and the public.
- Brochures:  Create and maintain a list of locations brochures are distributed. Forward replacements when necessary.
- Maintain the CNA Procedure manual and incorporate policies where appropriate.

This is a working board, so you may be asked to lead, support or roll up your sleeves on any committee.


A best suited for this position is one who understands or lives with peripheral neuropathy or a related chronic condition. It is beneficial to the CNA board to have people who can relate to the people we help because decisions are not made on a purely financial basis.  

The ideal candidate will be able to commit 5 to 8 hours per week for the first 4 to 6 months in order to organize and clean up the CNA’s records as well as develop and document a records management approach.

The individual also must be able to:
- Attend quarterly board meetings.
- Follow a fast moving conversation and take meaningful notes.
- Learn the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order.
- Prioritize and have coordination, organizational and writing skills.
- Communicate and make use of records management best practices.
- Develop a plan and propose solutions for administrative tasks.

The individual will need to:
Be computer literate at minimum of an intermediate level (Word, Excel, Google Drive, Email).
Own your own computer and will need internet services.
Own or have access to a vehicle to be able to deliver meeting notices and for other duties.

It is preferred, but not mandatory, for the individual to be able to attend CNA monthly presentations.  The Secretary is required to commit to a minimum one-year term, and is eligible for an unlimited number of additional consecutive one-year terms. The Secretary reports directly to the President of the association.

Volunteering with the CNA will provide an opportunity to contribute to a great cause as we provide support to people living with neuropathy, support for their family, friends and interested professionals.    Personal and technical skills will develop, and there is potential for mentorship as you work with members and contacts.
Additional Details & Skills Required
Able to take meeting minutes, organized, problem solver, proficient with computers and internet, business literate.
Certification or Education Required
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Volunteering with the CNA will provide an opportunity have input into the strategy of the organization. Currently we are working on one special projects:  an intimate concert fundraiser. 

The sitting board members are experienced in some areas and learning as we go in others so it is a dynamic environment with chances to learn and develop.  You will be able to do as much or as little as your schedule allows.
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