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3553 - 31 Street NW, Calgary, AB, Calgary, AB, T2L 2K7 [map]
2-6 hours / weekly
2-4 years
Exercise a general supervision and control over the officers and business of the AWSN
 Executive and Board of Directors Team Leadership
o Provides assistance and guidance to the other Executive Members
o Helps to resolve conflicts should they arise
o Encourages Board members to participate in meetings and activities.
o Keeps the Board’s discussion on topic by summarizing issues.
o Keeps the Board’s activities focused on the organization’s mission
o Assists other officers in arranging for and conducting meetings
o Orients Board Members and committee chairpersons to the Board.
o Recognizes Board Members’ contributions to the Board’s work
o Lead strategic planning and goal setting
 Meetings
o Presides at all Meetings of the AWSN
o Draws up agendas for all Meetings of the AWSN Executive and Board
 Employees
o Oversees the employee(s) of the AWSN
o Organizes weekly (approximately) management meetings with the Program
 Legal and Financial
o Is a signing officer of the AWSN
o Oversees the preparation
o Plays a leading role in supporting fundraising activities.
 Committees
o be an ex officio member of all committees of the AWSN and be active as required
 Public
o Represent AWSN at other meetings and public engagements
o Works with the communications lead to promote AWSN’s purpose in the
community and to the media.
  • Interview
  • References
  • Resume
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule