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Run Director Community Engagement

5-10 hours / monthly
Ongoing until the event on October 3
BE a part of something BIG and here’s why...


BE a part of a collective of people united by a singular focus where no Canadian fears cancer. BE bold by committing your time to driving positive change alongside families, friends, healthcare teams, donors, scientists, advocates and all those who strive to make the cancer journey one that is supported in every way.

We believe that life is bigger than cancer. We believe your support is stronger than cancer. If you do too, read more...


At CCS we are committed to improving the cancer experience by helping people with cancer live their lives more fully. The Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure brings together communities united by the same goal of creating a world where no Canadian fears cancer. CIBC Run for the Cure is an opportunity to celebrate those who live and have lived in the face of breast cancer.

Funds raised through CIBC Run for the Cure will contribute to groundbreaking breast cancer research, compassionate support programs and services, trusted cancer information and advocacy on behalf of all Canadians


As the Run Director, Community Engagement, you will work in partnership with the Run Director, Logistics to create a successful event. In your role you will be responsible to maintain and develop initiatives that invite existing and new community partners to get involved and be part of the CIBC Run for the Cure

The committee volunteers who report to you will each have a portfolio to manage with a focus on the promotional and fundraising aspects of the event. Portfolios include recruiting and retaining participants, participant of Hope engagement, event marketing and promotion and corporate engagement including sponsorship and product donations, as well as leading additional sources of revenue (pre-Run activities). Your job will be to lead, motivate and support this group through pre- Run activities up to and including event day.

You, and the Run Director, Logistics are directly connected to a CCS Staff Partner and are responsible for sharing key event and organizational information between the Staff Partner and committee members.

The measurement of success will be a vibrant event that rallies the backing of the community through teams and participant registration, a wave of survivors gathering and support from multiple sponsors. Your event will be the fundraiser everyone wants to be part of locally.


You understand that cancer can change everything and that bringing community together in support of people who have been affected by cancer helps us prove that life is bigger than cancer. You have the leadership skills to motivate a group of volunteers to work together and move objectives forward.

You understand your community and how to connect people and involve them in RFTC. You know what matters to the people you rub shoulders with and how to create mutually beneficial experiences.

You are engaging and enthusiastic about the opportunity to invite your neighbours not only to donate, but also to honour people who have had a cancer experience, and celebrate that life is bigger than cancer.


As an organization we will provide you with online resources and training, as well as staff support to help you lead the community engagement side of the committee and be an effective people leader.

You will have the opportunity to learn and mentor as you engage with CCS staff and volunteers.


This is a significant leadership role. We are anticipating an ongoing level of commitment which will include leading regular monthly meetings with the committee.

Between committee meetings, you will engage in small group or one to one mentorship meetings with each of your committee members.

You are agreeing to initiate and respond with regular consistent communication between the volunteers you are leading and the CCS Staff Partner who is supporting the event.

Post event, your feedback and debriefing will be crucial to ensure that CIBC Run for the Cure continues getting better every year and all voices are heard and valued. This also includes a conversation about your ongoing involvement with future Runs

As the event date approaches your time commitment will increase and on event day your leadership, as you pitch in and pull the final details together, will be critical in creating the sense of accomplishment that everyone will go home with, knowing that their actions have created something bigger than cancer.


Please visit our website for volunteer opportunities in your area and apply today!
Additional Details & Skills Required
Age requirement - minimum age of majority in your province.
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Working closely with a volunteer committee, you will plan and execute the CIBC Run for the Cure event in your community, building your leadership skills and honing your community building skills along the way. *Note, this event will be virtual in 2021.
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