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Volunteer Web Developper

We are currently looking for an experienced Volunteer Web Developer to join our organization and assist with our website design. We are purchasing a ready to use responsive WordPress template and need the volunteer to tweak the functionality/layout according to our specifications and assist with any implementation issues.
Skills required:
•	Strong understanding of web server software, databases and content management systems
•	Minimum 2 years proven experience in the following areas: WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress theme design
•	Understanding of web development concepts, deployment and testing experience
•	Meticulous attention to detail is required
•	Strong communication and collaboration skills
•	Must be self-motivated and have to be able to work alone
•	Interest in nonprofit work, international issues, philanthropy
This is a great opportunity for skills-based volunteers to give back to the community and strengthen their network and portfolios
•	Create the content architecture for websites that is cohesive, memorable, and easy to understand
•	Create copy for web and landing pages that is compelling, sharp, witty, and authentic
if you are interested send your resume before March 31st 2021
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
Taking on a volunteering position adds immense value to your resume and can make you infinitely more employable.  We ask volunteers for a minimum 4 hours per week, for 3 months.  We will gladly provide reference letters for outstanding contributions.

You can learn new skills, make new friends, or use your existing professional skills to help others.  Taking part in our programs and seeing results can be very rewarding, and you’ll take home new skills, knowledge and practical work experience.
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule
  • Good for families
  • Good for groups
  • Good for youth