Activities involved
Board Member
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule

Director at Large

10-15 hours / monthly
1 - 2 years
WRA Wildlife Rescue Association of BC rehabilitates wildlife affected by human activity and provides education to the public on co-existing with urban wildlife. We run a wildlife hospital on the south shore of Burnaby Lake and treat animals from across the Lower Mainland, the rest of BC, and further afield. 

The role of the Board is to:
•	Provide leadership and oversight to Wildlife Rescue and its activities
•	Represent the interests of its members, and the broader community
•	Ensure broad organizational accountability and transparency; and 
•	Facilitate active and meaningful external relationships. 

We are seeking individuals who are aspiring to succeed one of the Officer positions of the Board of Directors, including the position of Board Chair. As an Officer of the Board, the individual will partner with the Executive Directors and the Board to achieve the organization’s mission and provide leadership to the Board of Directors, who set policy and to whom the Executive Directors report. Other accountabilities include chairing meetings of the Board after developing the agenda with the Executive Directors; playing a key role in strategic planning; helping to guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns; and monitoring financial planning and financial reports.  This is a wonderful opportunity for an individual to join an amazing organization with deep roots in our communities in B.C. since 1979.

Governance Roles & Responsibilities
●	Commit to the mission, vision, and values of Wildlife Rescue
●	Agree to a high standard of confidentially 
●	Participate in fulfilling governance strategic plan obligations as set forth
●	Oversee adherence to all policies and legal requirements
●	Prepare for and participate in Board meetings, Annual General Meetings, and Extraordinary General Meetings
●	Serve on one or more task force or committee, attend all meetings, and engage in the work of the committee
●	Support the hiring, management, reporting assessment and evaluation of the Executive Director(s)
●	Participate in strategic planning for the organization
●	Support the organization by becoming a donor
●	Review and approve new governance and operational policies
●	Identify and recruit prospective Board members as established by the Board Matrix
●	Participate in the annual Board self-evaluation
●	Be an ambassador for Wildlife Rescue – ensure involvement is known within their own network of friends and contacts
●	Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of Wildlife Rescue
●	Knowledge of governance and bylaw adherence in a non-for-profit organization

●	Ability to work as part of a multi-dimensional team 
●	Skilled at cultivating relationship with other with board members, Executive Directors and the organization at large
●	Understands the importance of a healthy board culture and inspirational leadership
●	Business acumen
●	Excellent communication skills
●	Strong organizational skills with attention to detail
●	Leadership expertise
●	Previous experience serving on a not-for-profit Board of Directors
●	General understanding of Rules of Order and the BC Society Act and organizational Bylaws
●	Board governance expertise

Capital project skills needed (minimum of one)
●	Skilled and experienced in working with municipal government systems
●	Have contacts and potential relationship with Burnaby City council, Mayor, etc. 
●	Have contacts/relationships with Metro Vancouver Parks Board members.
●	Active Philanthropist with a broad community
●	Experience with property acquisitions

Please submit your resume together with a letter of interest for this position in a single PDF file, attention Board Development Committee, in our online form:
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
This is an exciting time for Wildlife Rescue, as we adapts to an ever-increasing number of injured wildlife brought to our Wildlife Hospital. As the organization embarks on new and innovative fund development initiatives, board members will have the opportunity to play a collaborative role with senior staff in achieving these
Activities involved
Board Member
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule