Activities involved
Website Development
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule

Web Development Team Lead

2 hours / weekly
Do you enjoy working with others and motivating them to do their best? Are you known for your positive energy and work ethic? You might be a great fit for our Web Development Team Leader role! This position is an opportunity to work closely with a team and grow your leadership skills. Being able to both lead constructively and be a trusted support are keys to success in this role. This is a remote/virtual volunteer position that requires a mandatory commitment of at least two hours per week.

Team Leader Responsibilities may include:
• Assisting the Web Development Team in designing and developing web architecture, servers, databases, user interactions and supporting projects through until completion
• Delegating tasks and responsibilities throughout the team to ensure successful and productive projects
• Planning and distributing employee work schedules
• Listening to and addressing employee concerns, forwarding to Team Manager as appropriate
• Addressing any conflicts within the team that may arise
• Increasing team motivation and sharing positive feedback and praise
• Circulating company information and updates within the team
• Holding team meetings and communicating their results to Team Manager
• Providing training, feedback, and coaching
• Ensuring a safe workplace for employees

Team Leader Qualifications:
• Completed Post-Secondary study of computer science, technology or related education considered an asset but not required
• High School Diploma or GED equivalent
• Experience as a web developer and leading a team considered an asset
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills, knowledge of web development disciplines and experience working with Moodle, WordPress and my SQL.

Team Leader Core Skills:
• Teamwork
• Interpersonal communication
• Delegation
• Mentoring
• Problem-solving
• Training
• Deadlines
• Motivation
• Scheduling
Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
remote work
flexible schedule
Activities involved
Website Development
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule